July 10, 2014

Solomons & Luxaflex

Solomons Gepps X

Inspiration and premium design. Solomons and Luxaflex are two trusted names in home makeovers in Australia.  With Solomons Flooring being the specialists in Carpet, Timber & Vinyl Flooring and Luxaflex a byword for quality, expertise and sustainability it is no wonder that Troy from the GeppsX store has combined both brands under one roof.

DSPACE has helped Troy and his team put together the branding elements of combing the two household names through their printed in-store collateral and their digital foot print.  We have created a lead generating landing page and through a digital marketing campaign customers in search of their renovation answers can quickly make an informed decision when they get to www.solomonsgeppsx.com.au.

As a taste for what the GeppsX team can do for you flick through the image gallery and be sure to sign up to their enewsletter to get the latest and greatest innovations to make your home the envy of your friends!