March 09, 2015

RSPCA – Help save animals like Kelly


The RSPCA SA have worthwhile appeals for the protection of animals to create awareness that we need to help where animals of all sizes are being treated extremely poorly.  Please read the appeal on Kelly’s story and share it around to raise funds to stop this kind of cruelty.  Below is an excerpt from the RSPCA Inspector Andrea Lewis who rescued Kelly….

“Kelly’s rescue was extremely challenging. “My heart kept sinking because what we discovered just got worse and worse,” remembers Andrea.

At first, Andrea thought she had found a single badly injured dog. “Kelly – a beautiful chocolate Kelpie Cross – was tied up in an old shed. Then she started moving and my heart broke. My colleague and I were both so shocked by what we saw.

“I thought she was paralysed. She was pulling herself along on her front legs, and dragging her back legs along the ground in the dirt.”

But worse was to come”….to read more and make a donation to this appeal please click here