February 09, 2015

Is the Hoverboard real?…really?

We have to admit that in our down time here at DSPACE we are a little obsessed with different cool technologies that come out…and we love movies!  When we hear about the possibility of a company leading the way in technology to bring us our favourite movie impossibilities, we just have to look into it.

It is no secret that we love all things Back to the Future and one of the “future” tech items we want to get our hands on is the Hoverboard Marty McFly rode in Back to the Future II in 2015.  With 2014 coming to an end and 2015 fast approaching the awesome team at Hendo Hover look like our dreams are going to come true…check them out here and have a look through YouTube and see Tony Hawke trialling the Hendo Hoverboard.