March 01, 2016

Crinkling News…for Aussie kids!

Crinkling News, the only national newspaper for Australian kids.

DSPACE are fortunate to be supporting Crinkling News…From the cutest animals born at the zoo to the biggest bushfires blazing around the country, Crinkling News has it covered.

Crinkling News is here to tell the youth of Australia everything that affects their world. Informing kids to young adults is essential to the future of our country.

And there’s plenty of fun, too. Inside the newspaper, you will find puzzles, cartoons, silly stories, inspiring ones, and beautiful photos.

There are also lots of ways that you can be a part of it. Become a Crinkling News reporter by telling them about your favourite book, a new movie, or a video game.

If you feel passionately about something – like your sporting hero, animal rights, or the lack of safe drinking water around the world – write about why and Crinkling news will publish it.

Be surprised. Be inspired. Enjoy!

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