January 06, 2014

The best Chocolate in SA!

Steven ter Horst Chocolatier

DSPACE is proud to present a new website with everyone’s interest at heart…Steven ter Horst Chocolatier.  A local based producer of the highest quality chocolates and cakes in South Australia.  With the launch of their brand new website www.steventerhorst.com.au and location move to Rundle Street in the East end of Adelaide comes a real treat for any chocolate lovers out there.

DSPACE has worked closely with the team at Steven ter Horst Chocolatier to release a staged digital solution.  The initial launch is focused on brand recognition, the new location and the introduction of the products available from the Adelaide store. The website is backed up by a sensational experience when you enter the Rundle Street store.

Please check out Stage 1 of the website as both DSPACE and the “chocolate team” are working closely to release Stage 2 in August for purchasing online with Australia wide delivery.

We highly recommend the salted caramel signature chocolates…so head down to their shop and enjoy a coffee and some treats…you deserve it!