May 05, 2014

Australian Heart Research

Support life-saving medical research…

You can kindly support Australian Heart Research in a number of ways. Whichever you choose, you are helping keep your family and friends safe from heart disease through vital medical research.

DSPACE support and sponsor the Australian Heart Research through a fundraising website to assist in getting donations to where it is needed most….the research of the disease.

Australian Heart Research (AHR) is passionate and determined to improve heart health and beat heart disease through advances in knowledge and research.

Donations to Australian Heart Research are directed specifically at beating heart disease.

Research does take time. It also takes dedication, skill and continued support. And this is where AHR comes in. With your help they are providing the assistance that their world-class research teams need to progress their research outcomes from labs to people as soon as possible.

So think of your family and friends and help support the vital research today…

We all thank you.