October 16, 2014

Adelaide Premier Bakery is now online!

Pat-a-Cake Bakery is home to the most delicious cakes, pies and sandwiches in Adelaide.  If you are looking for lunch with a friend or a quick coffee on the go or even a catering solution for your next board meeting, Pat-a-Cake is the place for you…check out the website for easy and convenient online secure ordering at www.patacakebakery.com.au…the food is great!

The design team at DSPACE had a lot of fun working with the branding elements of Pat-a-Cake Bakery.  Their look and feel is inviting and welcoming in-store so we developed the same experience for the web.  It is easy to pre-order and pay for large and small items for easy pickup from the Duthy Street store.  Their platters for catering are well known around the corporate sector in the various business districts in Adelaide.

The ease at which this South Australian bakery manages their website store in-house makes it great for them to update any products and images for the public to access and order anything from their menu.  The solution also has secure online payments for peace of mind of the customer and has significantly increased the staffs time to do what they do best….serve the in-store customers.